Owner Occupied Home Staging- The Two-Hour Makeover!

Styled and Sold offers affordable two-hour staging consultations for clients who are putting their house on the market and still living in the property. A two-hour consultation includes walking through the house with the homeowner while making suggestions on how best to update, upgrade, de-clutter, refresh, add curb appeal and generally make the home more appealing to potential buyers. It includes a detailed room-by-room “To Do” list with very specific recommendations. Some clients opt to do the work themselves and other clients have Styled and Sold implement the changes.  The results speak for themselves!

Love at First Sight!

“Home Staging is the act of preparing a private residence prior to going up for sale in the real estate marketplace.”  The goal of staging is to sell a home quickly, and for the most money possible by attracting the highest amount of potential buyers. Staging focuses on improving a property to make it appeal to the largest number of buyers by transforming it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive product for sale. Staging often raises the value of a property by way of visually reducing the home's flaws, depersonalizing, de-cluttering, cleaning and landscaping.

A home for sale is a product. Just like any other product, it needs to be merchandised.

Home staging will:

  • Get buyers in the door – Great curb appeal and Internet photos

  • Draw buyers into the home

  • Keep buyers there longer so they make an emotional connection to the house

  • Highlight the positives aspects of the home

  • Down play the negatives aspects of the home

  • Show a home in the best possible light

The cost of Home Staging is always less then your first price reduction!

What Clients are Saying About Us

"Absolutely awesome!! Allegra Dioguardi has an eye for design and an ear to hear the needs of the client. Superb!!”

-Dr. Darnita L. Payden, Dr. DClutterTM Life Management, Organizational Expert on A&E’s Hoarders

"Thanks, Allegra, for your keen eye, your ability to take in the full spectrum of the situation and for paving the way for a successful staging. I love the way you approach a project, and particularly your creative eye in finding and repurposing the items in a home. You were a professional every step of the way, keeping in touch, following through and checking up on our progress."

-Mark and Fern Matthews Home owners, Springs, NY

"In a brief two hours, Allegra utterly transformed my East Hampton home! With her advice about furniture and picture reorganization, new paint colors, a thorough cleaning and increased curb appeal my house now looks absolutely wonderful… at such a modest cost."

-Helen Horowitz, Homeowner, East Hampton, NY